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BE WARNED: You Could Lose Your Top Talent by Not Engaging First

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Like most recruiters, I got into this industry because of a passion for people, a want to facilitate goodness and growth, and to be in charge of building my own success, and to make money doing so! 

To bore you with a little of my background story:

A Wellington girl born and raised, I come from a family of public servants, and when I joined the workforce I followed suit. It wasn’t until I moved to Auckland and looked at my professional and personal strengths and decided - why not give recruitment a go?

I was extremely lucky to find a boutique agency that was willing to take a punt on a girl from the Hutt! I brought nothing but a willingness to learn, a decent smile and a notable laugh. I only had limited experience dealing with a recruiter beforehand and had no idea what was involved or how to go about it. Needless to say I learnt a lot and quickly!

I recruited in Auckland for a couple of years, both in an agency and internally, but home was calling and I listened. 

Now I’m recruiting in Wellington, I’m sure you are not surprised to read there are some obvious differences between the Auckland and Wellington markets – the SMEs vs organisations, the private sector vs the public sector, sales vs policy to name a few but what doesn’t change is the importance of the candidate’s experience during the recruitment process. 

Treat Your Candidates with Respect & Humanity

Capturing engagement and maintaining energy in your delivery throughout the recruitment process is vital, whether it takes a week or over a month. Why? Because this may be the first experience the candidate has with you as a potential employer. You want to show them you are an employer with integrity, an employer who knows how to communicate and an employer who values their staff’s time.

Create engagement and take the candidates on a journey from the moment they hit “apply now” through to phone screening, interviews and placement. Communicate the process, call in between for a light chat, and, if any, explain where the hold ups are – the candidates will respect you and your business more, give you more loyalty and will talk about you positively in the marketplace. This is your point of difference. 

If you are receiving excellent candidates through your job post – call them as they apply – why wait until the end of the campaign? If you think they are good, there are 100 other employers who are also hiring and agree. Again, it is about creating a buzz, building the candidate’s engagement with your organization and showing them you are an awesome business to work for and a company with integrity.

Even if using recruiters – we want to protect your brand too! It’s important to keep us in the loop – so we can protect you and maintain our energy when talking to your candidates. 

Engaged Candidates Equals Higher Productivity

With a little time and effort, you will also see a return on investment. You have a new employee starting who is excited to start the role, excited to work for you and excited to put in the effort for their new career journey. A SEEK insight article* describes how productivity increased revenue by 67% (per full-time employee on a year-over-year basis) when the business had a formal engagement strategy in place (The Aberdeen Group, April 2016). 

No surprises there – when people are engaged and happy at work they are more productive and proactive.  

Closing Thoughts

Communicating isn’t difficult, regardless of the markets or locations you work in– everyone deserves the respect to be kept informed and the right to make their own decisions (we all know it’s dangerous to assume). By being honest, talking to your candidates with energy and a humanistic approach, and simply keeping them in the loop, you are not only giving them a positive experience and keeping them engaged, you are creating an emotional connection to your business. 

If pinning two opportunities against each other – wouldn’t you rather work for a business that already made you feel respected… 

Something to think about…

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BE WARNED: You Could Lose Your Top Talent by Not Engaging First

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