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How to Write a Great Accounting & Finance CV

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Your CV is often the first impression a Recruiter will make on you and that impression can make or break your chances of securing your next role. Read our guide on how to write a winning Accounting & Finance CV below.

(Download our CV template to get a head start.)

Tailor Your CV

Successful CVs often provide as much relevant information as possible in the most efficient way. Many recruiters will have a list of requirements in their mind when they review job applications and you can find these criteria in the job advertisement. Tailoring your CV to this criteria is the best way to tick all those boxes. For example, if a vacancy is asking for a Chartered Accountancy qualification or experience in SAP and MYOB, then these skills or qualifications should be clearly shown on the first page of your CV.
Although, re-writing your CV for every vacancy you apply for would be a lengthy and numbing process. So, it may pay dividends to create several templates of your CV that highlight the various different experiences and skills you’ve acquired over your career.

Avoid Irrelevant Information or Jargon

It’s important to consider who will be reading your CV as not everyone will understand accounting jargon. Including too many buzzwords or technical language may confuse hiring managers and damage your chances of making it past the initial screening stage. That said, if the employer is looking for someone with a very specific or niche skillset then make sure you include it. 

Whilst we’re on the subject of what to leave out of your CV, including too much information on it can also be harmful. There’s a great deal of debate around how many pages a CV should be but it should at least include all of your relevant and up-to-date skills, expertise and experiences. Including your grades from your high/secondary school education could be taking up valuable room that could be used to explain your job history in more detail. If you do want to include your grades, please ensure your academic transcripts reflect what is documented on your CV.

There’s also a lot of buzzwords that appear on CVs. We often see phrases like “I’m a highly motivated team player” at the start of someone’s CV yet it doesn’t really contribute to anything. Instead of using empty buzzwords, use facts and examples to identify how you’re a “team player” or a “multi-tasker”.

Explain Any Gaps

Unexplained gaps in your work history can be a red flag for a lot of Recruiters and failing to adequately explain them can hinder your chances of securing a new role. For example, you may have decided to take sabbatical leave to travel to a new country after leaving the Big 4. As long as you have a sound reason for the gap, it will always be a better idea to include a brief explanation in your CV so that you answer any questions the reader may have.

Triple Check Your Spelling & Grammar

It’s such a simple thing but misspelling and grammatical errors are the most frequent reasons CVs are rejected. If you’re not treating your CV with the time, care and diligence it deserves, how can a business trust you with their accounts? Your CV is your representation of you as a person and as a professional. Triple checking it for mistakes and having someone else read over it before submitting it will always pay off.

Be Accessible

A Recruiter will often only have a few days to put a shortlist of candidates together for their clients. The Accounting & Finance market is highly competitive, so make sure you’re easily accessible once you have applied for a role. If you miss a call, make a note to follow up as soon as you can to ensure you’re giving your application the best chance to move forward.

Get Ahead Start with Our CV Template

Save precious time and download our CV template to give yourself a head start.

Closing Thoughts

Allocating time to create a fantastic CV can do amazing things for your career. Even if you’re not currently looking for a new job, keeping your CV updated with your latest achievements and responsibilities will save you heaps of time later on.

If you’re looking for a new job in the Accounting & Finance market, contact us today. 

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How to Write a Great Accounting & Finance CV

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