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Four Tips on Creating a Job Advert That Will Attract Great Candidates

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

If you’re having a hard time finding great people for your business, you’re not alone. In fact, 1 in 5 managers struggle to find qualified candidates for their teams. Read our latest blog for several tips on how you can attract the best talent.

Having the right people in the right roles is integral to your business’s growth and durability. Research from our latest Market & Salary Report however, shows that one in five managers are struggling to find qualified candidates for their organisations. In a competitive and talent short market, writing well-structured job descriptions and compelling advertisements are vital steps in attracting high-quality professionals.

You could save valuable time and money by working with a specialist recruitment agency but if you’re planning on doing it yourself, here are a few of our tips on how you can create a job advert that will attract exceptional professionals.

Create a Great Job Description

The first vital step in attracting and engaging great professional talent is to have a well-structured job description. It will enable you to create a great advertisement (more on that below) and can often be what convinces the best professionals to proceed to the next step, as some candidates will request your job description to ensure the positon is exactly what they’re looking for. Download our Job Description Template for a head start.

Write a Compelling Advertisement

We talk a lot about how candidates need to ‘stand out from the crowd’ but this is also true for businesses. The best candidates in the market have more choice than ever before and this has made it increasingly competitive for businesses to attract great people. A lot goes into attracting the best candidates but your job advert is often the first chance you have at convincing your opportunity is better than anyone else’s. Here’s how you can write a compelling advert: 

Use a Familiar Job Title

The job title you choose to use is the first thing most people will see. Whilst it needs to be eye-catching, it also needs to make sense and be searchable. For example, “Accounting Superstar” may be unique but it won’t attract the right candidates if you’re looking for a Management or Financial Accountant. Although being too creative with the job title can backfire and harm your talent pool, if your internal job title isn’t relatable or searchable, then you should consider adjusting it for your advert.

Answer ‘What’s in it for You?’

The best job adverts avoid merely including the core requirements and duties of the role and instead, clearly answer a simple but crucial question, “what’s in it for me?”

There are three keys to selling the opportunity:

1. Selling the Package

Our latest Salary Report found that having a higher salary or package is still the top priority for nearly every candidate. Selling the package should start by highlighting a great salary and key benefits such as flexible working options or a phone allowance, but you can also get a little creative here. For example, a car park is considered a great additional benefit to have – especially if you’re in Auckland! So make sure you tell potential employees about these benefits in your advert.

2. Selling your Role

The key here is to sell the role in a way that enables the candidate to see themselves doing it. For example, use action words, like provide, support or manage, when describing the role’s tasks and responsibilities. You should also avoid exaggerating aspects of the role as your ideal candidates may be put off if they feel the vacancy is too good to be true.

3. Selling your Company

Finally, your advert should also sell your business as being an employer the candidate would want to work for. Start with asking yourself why you enjoy working for your business? Does your work make a difference to others? Do you get to work with exciting new technology or ideas? Are your colleagues more friends than acquaintances? Then, ask those around you and start to include these answers in your job advert to sell your company to a potential new employee.

Use Paid Advertising to Put Your Role in Front of the Right People

Creating a great advertisement from a job description and uploading it to your website or Job Board is a fantastic start but it won’t be enough if you want to attract exceptional people to your business. In fact, the best talent in the market are often not looking for a job right now but are still open to the right opportunity.

Paid advertising is an effective method for placing your vacancy in front of these passive candidates. There are several platforms you can do this on such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn but you should do some research first and find out where your audience is before you commit to spending any budget.

Engage A Recruiter

As specialists in Accounting and Finance, and Business & Office Support recruitment, we do all the above on a daily basis. If your job advertisements are not performing as well as you’d hoped, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Want access to our latest Auckland and Wellington Market & Salary Reports? Download them here.







Four Tips on Creating a Job Advert That Will Attract Great Candidates

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