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The below FAQs aim to answer any queries that you may have regarding our Online Timesheet system.

If you still find yourself struggling then download our Quick User Guide or alternatively contact Admin Support on 09 912 0774 or


How do I request leave?

Once your leave has been approved by your direct manager, please notify your Parker Bridge Consultant immediately. When you take leave, please leave the hours on your timesheet blank and type AL or SL in the Additional Info field. If only part of the day was taken as Holiday or Sick Leave, then please fill in start time, finish time and in the notes type how many hours taken as leave, for example, 4 hrs AL or 4 hrs SL.

How do I fill out my timesheet if I have been on annual leave or was sick?

FULL DAY ANNUAL/SICK LEAVE: If you want to take a full day as Annual or Sick leave, please leave the hours for that day blank and write ‘Annual Leave’ or ‘ Sick ’ in the Additional Info field, including the AMOUNT OF HOURS LEAVE YOU NEED TO TAKE (e.g. 8 HRS SL).

PART DAY ANNUAL/SICK LEAVE: If only part of the day has been taken as Annual/Sick Leave, then please fill in start time, finish time and in the Notes field write how many hours you want to take as leave (eg. 4 HOURS ANNUAL LEAVE).

SICK LEAVE: If your current sick leave entitlement is 0.00, you may use your annual leave instead. Please mention it the notes field (e.g. NO SL Pay 4HRS AL). Please refer to your employment contract for more information regarding your sick leave accrual. 

What information do I put in my timesheet on a public holiday?

If you worked on a public holiday enter in the hours that you worked and in the Additional Info field, state Worked on Public Holiday and the date you worked. If you did not work on the day, please leave this day empty and write PUBLIC HOLIDAY in the Additional Info field.

I am a Contractor. Is there anything specific that I need to know?

No, enter in your time as per normal. You do have the added option of using the Timesheet Portal system to create and send your invoices to Parker Bridge. Select either the Manual, Manual via Timexchange or Automatic invoice option when activating your assignment. If you already have your own invoicing system set up please email your manual invoice to

What happens if my Manager/Approver is away and they can't approve my timesheet?

Ideally, Parker Bridge will have at least 2 additional Approvers for your assignment who are able to verify your timesheet in the absence of your Manager. As long as they have activated their Timesheet Portal account, they will be able to log in and approve your timesheet at any stage.

How do I change something on my timesheet once I have sent it for approval?

Unfortunately, once you have sent your timesheet for approval it can not be revoked or edited unless it has been rejected by your Manager. Liaise with your Manager and ask them to reject your timesheet so you can make your changes and then resend it.

My Manager doesn’t want to use online timesheets. What do I do?

No problem. Visit the Temp Forms page on our website and download our hardcopy timesheet. You can then email or fax this through once approved to the contact details on the timesheet.

I’ve forgotten my password; how can I reset it?

Use the Forgot your password link underneath the sign in button on the login page. You will then need to enter in the email address that you registered with and a link to reset your password will be sent to you.

I have already submitted my timesheet for approval and now I have to go back to work during the same week. What do I do?

If your Manager/Approver has not approved your timesheet you can ask them to reject it so you can add in the additional days. Or, if you Manager/Approver has already approved it you can find the approved timesheet and then click on Create Timesheet in the yellow alert box. This will create another timesheet for the remaining days of the week. You can then enter in your time and send on for approval.

What happens when I come to the end of my assignment?

When submitting your final timesheet for an assignment, write in the Additional Info field FINAL TIMESHEET. This will allow our Accounting team to process any outstanding leave pay that you are entitled to. This will also ensure you don't receive reminder emails asking you to submit future timesheets for this assignment.

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