Kiera Richardson

Recruitment Coordinator | Wellington

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Tell us a little about yourself

I studied Architecture for a year after finishing high school, then took a year off to travel Europe solo.  A year then turned into about 5 years where I worked for a travel company taking coach-loads of (mainly) Aussies around the continent, showing them the sites and informing them of Europe’s history.

When Covid hit, I returned to New Zealand and began studying Project Management, which I’ve almost finished, and found my space within the team at Parker Bridge.

Tell us about what you have achieved in your personal and/or work-life

I moved to NZ from the UK at 13 with my family, attended high school between Auckland and Christchurch, then moved to Wellington for university.

Since then, I’ve also been privileged enough to live in France, Italy, and Greece.

My claim to fame is when Stuff reached out to me to do an article on my time in France -

What drew you to recruitment?

I have a lot of experience in customer service, and I knew I enjoyed working with and helping people. I work well under pressure and can work within tight deadlines, so recruitment felt like a good step for my career.

Why is recruitment important to you?

Hearing people talk about their passions really excites me, and generally, people’s work is their passion, so learning about where they’ve taken their career and what they’ve seen in their life gives me the warm fuzzies!

Being able to help people reach their next career goal or take a leap into something new is a really good feeling, I like being a part of that.