Sam McGregor

Executive Consultant | Auckland

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Tell us a little about yourself

People say I’m an extrovert and I would have to agree. I really enjoy meeting new people and making connections. I’m usually at my happiest in a group of people having thought-provoking conversations and I love any opportunity to cook for friends and family.

I have a mixed background in creative and sales, which is what drew me into the recruitment industry. Recruitment for me, is constant learning and growth. The market is shifting all the time and I love to feel like I’m a part of the professional trajectory of New Zealand’s future market leaders.

Tell us about what you have achieved in your personal and/or work-life

Coming from very humble beginnings in a small King Country town, I moved to the ‘Big Smoke’ and worked my way through a progression of industries including, hospitality, Beauty, Travel, IT & Projects, Sales and Technical Education before moving into Recruitment.

To me, the main takeaway of trying my hand at different things is that the measure of what makes you successful is the same no matter what industry you’re in. It all comes down to a set of decisions you make each day around personal growth and to not shy away from uncomfortable situations & decisions – these can be golden learning opportunities!

Tell us about your career to date

As I’ve already mentioned, my career has been greatly varied, but the general theme has involved sales and account management with an emphasis on building lasting relationships.

I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for just over 3 years and have learned a lot, not only about being a successful consultant, but about myself and refining my core values as a professional operating in the thick of the commercial market.

What drew you to recruitment?

It was a repetitive call over the years from my first temp role in a Telecom Call Centre, where I was fascinated by the recruitment process. Fast forward ten years and a colleague who had worked in the industry suggested I look into it. She had seen the passion I had for discovering people’s motivators and successfully negotiating with demanding stakeholders.

So, I banged down the door of every agency in town until Craig Hegan saw enough in me to give me a shot! I’ve never looked back.

Why is recruitment important to you?

I am fascinated by the competitive and evolving market we operate in. Nothing is more rewarding to me than working on a recruitment project and later seeing the results in the business section of the Herald or CIO Magazine.

In the recruitment industry, we have the gift of insight across what is happening in our respective verticals and we are lucky enough to help these verticals grow. That’s why I was drawn to Digital & Technology. I see New Zealand changing rapidly and for me, the trends are clearly evident in the shifting technical & talent requirements of our clients.

Recruitment is a people business and I’m a people person!