Saranya (Meenie) Daoloi

Associate Director | Sydney

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Tell us a little about yourself

I’m originally from Northeast Thailand. After completing my Master’s degree at Newcastle Business School in the UK, I then moved back to Thailand in 2016 to begin my career as a Recruitment Consultant at one of the leading Recruitment Agencies in Bangkok. After proving myself as a top performer I received multiple promotions, finally spending the last 12-months as the head of one of their top performing divisions. I’ve always had a passion for travelling and seeing the world. I’m now very excited to continue my recruitment career with Parker Bridge Recruitment in Sydney.

Tell us about what you have achieved in your personal and/or work-life:

There are a few achievements in my life which I’m proud of. From a personal perspective, my biggest personal achievement to date is completing my Masters degree in the UK in 2015. My biggest professional achievement so far is being the Top Biller at Parker Bridge Thailand for Q1 2019.

Tell us about your career to date:

In 2016 I became a Recruitment Consultant for the first time at one of the leading recruitment agencies in Bangkok. After enduring a steep learning curve for the first year, I found myself regularly positioned near the top of the leader board.

I was then promoted to Senior Recruitment Consultant, meaning that I was working on much bigger roles with much bigger clients. Finally, I was promoted to the head of the Sales & Marketing division for my final year in Thailand.

What drew you to recruitment?

I was drawn to recruitment for a number of reasons. Most importantly was the opportunity to deal with both clients and candidates from a range of different companies, giving me the opportunity to learn about them and what makes them successful.

Why is recruitment important to you?

Having the best talent is very crucial to a company’s success. I love the feeling of placing a very skilled candidate at a great company and watching them both thrive whilst working together.