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Why a Temp Role Should Be Your First New Zealand Accounting Job

Posted on 17th January 2019 by Parker Bridge

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Working in recruitment means we are really fortunate to meet so many people from all over the world! We are also often one of the first stops a job seeker makes after they land in New Zealand.

Speaking with these people, it is very clear that finding your first job in a new country can be an incredibly daunting experience. However, I also find that many international candidates are quick to dismiss a short-term temporary assignment thinking that they need something more long-term to secure a better visa. Yet, for most international job seekers, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are new to New Zealand, making the move here soon or just thinking about it, here are six reasons why your first role in a new country should be a short-term temporary assignment or contract.

Your Visa May Prevent You from Accepting a Permanent Role

Certain visas can provide an excellent way for people to try out New Zealand before deciding whether they want to commit to migrating here. The Working Holiday Visa is one such visa but it is important to note that you cannot accept a permanent job when on it. A fact that many international job seekers miss when trying to find their first job.

Temporary Assignments Move Much Faster than Permanent Roles

When you are in a new country, it is highly likely you will want to get a new role as soon as possible. On average, a permanent role can take up to five times longer to fill then a temporary assignment. This is because short-term contracts often have a higher degree of urgency and immediate need from the client and hence move faster. So, you may find yourself in a new role much faster if you look for temporary roles and contract opportunities rather than just pursuing permanent jobs.

Short-term Work Is a Great Way to Get That ‘New Zealand Experience’ or Grow Your Skillset

Having New Zealand work experience or references under your belt will go a long way in helping you secure an even greater opportunity later in your career. Gaining that New Zealand experience can seem like a difficult task at first but temporary assignments are a great way to get some serious exposure to New Zealand’s many work cultures and environments early on.

Not only will you be opening yourself to brand new working styles but you will also be expanding your professional network. In a small country like New Zealand, your network can be a key tool for securing you work. With each assignment you undertake, you will meet more and more colleagues and managers and as long as you stay in touch with them on a platform like LinkedIn, you will be slowly growing a very powerful career tool.

Depending on the nature of the role or the needs of the business, our clients may be open to looking at candidates for temporary assignments who may not necessarily have experience working on their systems or industry. Contracting may give you the opportunity to experience working in a new industry, system or to expand your skillset. For example, you may get the opportunity to work on a new ERP system which would look great on your CV going forward!

Many of our Temporary Employees Work for Extended Periods or Eventually go Permanent

A lot of people think that you will be job-hopping every several weeks when working temporary assignments and are concerned that they will only be working a few days or weeks at a time. However, due to the nature of accounting, most of our contracts are between three to six months or even longer as many get extended. You may find yourself being moved between projects or other areas of the business and pick up new skills along the way.

Working a series of temporary assignments can offer you a steady income if you partner with a specialist recruitment agency that provides temporary recruitment services, such as Parker Bridge. However, you will always get benefits that permanent employees won’t receive such as the flexibility to take time off between contracts to go explore what our beautiful country has to offer!

That said, if you are really set on eventually securing a permanent role then many of our temporary employees do end up being taken on permanently by our clients. Depending on the reason for the contract, and the needs of the businesses, there is a real opportunity to work hard and to turn your contract role into something more long term.

You’ll have an Easier Time Standing Out

There is one simple reason as to why you would have an easier time standing out for temporary assignments versus permanent roles. Temporary contracts often start immediately or within a short amount of time so we are rarely able to consider candidates with notice periods which excludes many of New Zealand’s workforce and therefore, you will face less competition.

You’ll Start Building Excellent Rapport with Recruiters

Whether you’re looking for your first job in New Zealand or the next critical step in your career, recruitment consultants can be your greatest ally. It is our job to keep a very close eye on the market and we often know about roles that are not being openly advertised. By working with a specialist temporary Recruitment Consultant you’ll start building rapport with people who are able to keep you in work and help you eventually secure a permanent position should that be your end goal.

Closing Thoughts

Finding your first job in a brand new country can be a very stressful journey but the good news is that it is our job to help! If you are interested in a temporary or contract accounting role, then check out our job board or submit your CV.

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