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Psychometric & Skills Testing

Candidate assessment solutions can provide managers with the peace of mind that they know exactly who they are hiring. Tests can be deployed to assess a candidate's personality fit, intellectual ability, sales skills, software/computer literacy, and administrative proficiency. These results can provide managers with predictive indicators of performance, productivity, engagement, leadership potential and much more. 

Benefits of Psychometric & Skills Assessments:

  • Predicts personality traits that indicate potential culture fit
  • Identifies how the candidate will likely prefer to be managed and motivated
  • Determines how proficient the candidate is in numeracy, literacy, abstract reasoning, problem-solving and more
  • Identifies how skilled a candidate is in specific role criteria such as accounting or sales
  • Predicts the candidate's motivators and values 

Parker Bridge's Assessment Solutions

We provide our clients with several candidate assessment options via our third-party suppliers for all scopes of roles. This includes basic skills testing for administrative functions, personality and emotional intelligence testing for middle management and bespoke psychometric, cognitive and leadership potential assessments for executive-level positions.

Skills Tests Available:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Typing speed & accuracy
  • Data entry speed & accuracy
  • Literacy - spelling & grammar
  • Numeracy 

Please note that additional charges may apply

Featured Testimonial

"We needed some temporary staff due to a high volume of work but also needed a permanent staff member. Unfortunately, applications we were receiving were not meeting the criteria we needed so we turn to Louise and Parker Bridge. It was very refreshing to work with Louise, I could not commend her professionalism enough. From the first meeting, she was hands-on, listened to exactly what we were looking for and explained in full what she could offer. Even after candidates were appointed, Louise kept in regular contact and made the whole process very easy for us. Louise is extremely reliable and when I called through to Parker Bridge reception, I was always treated fantastically. Louise was excellent throughout the whole process but for me, it was the small things that made a big difference, such as checking in on the staff and making sure communication was always maintained. Louise has a great ability to not only get us the staff we need but to also build a great relationship with us."

Claire, Customer Service Manager

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