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Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres are designed to assist managers in evaluating the suitability of several candidates for multiple roles over the course of a half or full-day. They can come in many forms and often include interviews, group activities, written assessments, verbal tests and role-play scenarios. These exercises will assess a group of candidate’s suitability against pre-arranged criteria to ensure each candidate is reviewed fairly and not compared with each other. Although a group assessment can take hours to complete, they can often save considerable time if each candidate was to be assessed separately over a series of days or weeks.

Why Use an Assessment Centre to Test Candidates?

  • You can test several candidates in a short space of time

  • All candidates are measured against objective criteria and not compared with each other

  • Candidates are given significant insight into your role and company

  • Stimulates real work situations and can be more effective at predicting a candidate's future performance

  • Assessment Centres can provide more detailed feedback to the candidate

  • Successful implementation can lead to improved hire rates and lower hiring costs

How Do We Setup an Assessment Centre?

If you need to evaluate several candidates for a wide range of roles or types of employment, use the form on this page to let us know and we’ll be happy to facilitate this for you or aid with assessing your candidates. Alternatively, give us a call on the numbers provided to talk to a Consultant now.