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Shannan Dallinger

Recruitment Consultant | Wellington

I am passionate about finding talented business support candidates who will thrive in both the public and private sectors. With my people-focused enthusiasm, I aspire to become a recruitment fairy godmother.

I began my career by completing my degree in Biomedical Science in Leicester, UK. Afterward, I decided to travel overseas and explore different places and cultures. I gained valuable experience working in various roles, including orchards, hospitality, retail, and corporate/public sectors in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Prior to settling in Wellington in 2021, I lived in Queenstown and Mount Maunganui after arriving in NZ in 2019.

Throughout my travels, I've always enjoyed immersing myself in new perspectives and ways of life, connecting with amazing people along the way. I am a social butterfly and love engaging in conversations over a drink. In my free time, I indulge in creative activities such as making necklaces, painting, and dabbling in flower and plant photography. Being an enthusiast of nature and the outdoors, I frequently go for walks and hikes, capturing those moments with my camera.