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Agile & Project Management Recruitment & Jobs

Agile Delivery & Project Management professionals assist businesses with the planning and implementation of new digital systems and infrastructure that are needed to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. While Agile & Waterfall methodologies are the most prominent in the market, we do specialise in recruiting other digital delivery methods.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

Project Managers

Project Managers are responsible for leading a project through its entire lifecycle, including designing, planning, and execution phases. Overseeing the project, Project Managers will allocate resources and tasks out to a wider team of specialist professionals and ensure accountability so that work is completed to a high standard and avoids potential delays.  

Project Management Office (PMO) Managers

Project Management Office (PMO) Managers are responsible for setting project management policies, processes, and frameworks that govern all Project Management professionals within the business. This ensures that projects are completed to a set of consistent criteria and controls and is critically important for larger organisations that are running several complex projects simultaneously. 

Project Management Office (PMO) Analysts

Project Management Office (PMO) Analysts collect, compile, and analyse data from projects managed by Project Managers. This data is then used to monitor the progress of ongoing projects and create reports on completed projects that can help to revise and improve existing Project Management processes, controls and frameworks.

Agile Coaches

An Agile Coach's primary role is to create and manage the processes and workflows that form an Agile methodology. The Agile Coach will then provide training and support to employees who are involved in the delivery of Agile projects, and help to overcome any resistance to change should the business be transitioning from a traditional approach, such as Waterfall, to an Agile methodology.

Scrum Masters

Scrum Masters are responsible for leading an Agile project team by fostering a collaborative environment and culture of success. They engage with Product Owners and other stakeholders to understand project priorities while facilitating the delivery of the project by managing team resources and tasks.

Delivery Leads

A Delivery Lead is similar to a Project Manager but on a larger scale. While a Project Manager oversees the delivery of a single project, a Delivery Lead will manage a programme or portfolio of projects across the business. These professionals will often spend significant time between working stakeholders to understand project requirements and collaborating with delivery teams to meet expectations and deadlines.

Change Managers

Change Managers ensure that new business and technology projects are widely adopted throughout an organisation by working alongside those the project impacts. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, Change Managers are growing increasingly important for organisations of all sizes but particularly for large enterprises.

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