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Cloud & Network Systems Recruitment & Jobs

Cloud-based solutions have revolutionised how organisations conduct business, provide services, and enable employees to collaborate. Cloud & Network Systems professionals exist to keep your systems optimised and operational.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

Cloud Engineers

Cloud Engineers are responsible for designing, deploying and maintain cloud-based networking solutions that are often hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure. Working closely with other Software, DevOps & Digital Architect teams, Cloud Engineers are specialists in their field and often have a background in Systems Engineering.

Cloud Specialists

Cloud Specialists focus on collaborating with other technical teams to ensure cloud-based solutions align with business and client requirements. They are also tasked with the continuous improvement of the performance and stability of cloud-based networks and the applications utilising it.

Network Engineers

Network Engineers design, deploy and maintain networking systems that can support a wide variety of services, such as voice, video, data, and wireless transmissions. These professionals are often highly skilled in systems networking and can hold a Cisco network certification such as CCNP or CCNA.

Network Operations Centre (NOC) Engineers

Network Operations Centre Engineers specialise in providing technical support for network connectivity outages and issues. They also monitor network usage and activity, provide recommendations for improvements and upgrades and even protect the network from outside interference, such as DDoS attacks.

Systems Engineers

Systems Engineers assist with the configuration, implementation, deployment, and on-going technical support for business IT and networking systems. This work can be done both remotely and on-site. A Systems Engineer role can be varied and include tasks from providing Level 1 & 2 technical support to configuring hardware and software for networking equipment.

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