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Cyber Security Recruitment & Jobs

While networking continues to become more sophisticated, so do the practices and processes needed to keep your organisation and its data secure and protected from breaches. Cyber & IT Security experts are here to do exactly that.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

Security Analysts

Security Analysts are responsible for conducting risk assessments on security architecture to ensure the business and its data is secure and cannot be accessed by those unauthorised. These professionals also take the lead when reporting, monitoring, and responding to a security incident. This will include collaborating with technical teams and third parties to develop a security remediation plan.

Security Architects

Security Architects assist with designing security infrastructure such as firewalls, intrusion detection programs, and incident management systems. Security Architects also provide technical guidance to other Security professionals and design security policies and processes for the business.

Security Engineers

Security Engineers are primarily responsible for designing security infrastructure and architecture. Often bridging the gap between security and DevOps, these professionals take ownership of the development of security processes and work closely with DevOps to monitor all cyber threats to the business.

Security Consultants

Security Consultants advise businesses and clients on how to mitigate and manage the risk of security and data breaches. These professionals are constantly researching the latest trends and threats in the cybersecurity space. Equipped with this information, Security Consultants will assess a business’s security systems and solutions to ensure they cannot be exploited.

Security/Penetration Testers

Security Testers, or ‘Ethical Hackers’, are a critical component to the risk assessment team and perform external probing and testing to identify vulnerabilities and exploits of security systems, applications, and networks.

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