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Data Analytics & Insights Recruitment & Jobs

Analysing and interpreting data to better understand your customers, products, services, and performance is growing increasingly important in today's market. Data Analytics & Insights professionals aid businesses that wish to take a data-led approach in decision-making.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

Big Data Specialists

Big Data or Data Warehouse Specialists focus on extracting information from data sets and sources that are too large or complex for traditional data analysis. This specialised role is highly analytical and technical and often plays a critical role in business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Developers

Business Intelligence (BI) Developers work closely with stakeholders to gain an understanding of intelligence and reporting requirements to design BI and reporting solutions that are fit for purpose. BI Developers collaborate closely with other data professionals, databases, and Big Data specialists or warehouses to integrate data from different sources.

Database Administrators

A Database Administrator is responsible for managing the integrity, performance, and security of their company’s data. They are also tasked with ensuring databases are routinely backed up. Database Administrators will have detailed knowledge of the domain-specific language their database is built-in, such as SQL or Oracle.

Data Analysts

Data Analysts compile and process data from various sources and analyse and interpret it to create data-driven insights. These insights query data and create reports that aim to prove or disprove business theories to improve the organisation’s decision-making.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers specialise in compiling and converting data into a useful and relevant format for Data Analysts to build their insights from. Data Engineers are fundamentally Software Engineers who have specialised in data and databases.  

Data Scientists

Data Scientists are similar to Data Analysts but use scientific methodology, algorithms, programming and systems to extract insights from datasets. To do this, they combine coding with statistical modelling, mathematical algorithms and data analysis to produce data insights reports from visualisation tools.

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