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DevOps & Automation Recruitment & Jobs

Often described as the unification of Software Development and IT Operations, DevOps & Automation focus on delivering systems that leverage automation, machine learning, and RPA/AI to improve the platform or product they form.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

Automation Specialists

Automation Specialists are responsible for designing and deploying automation processes and software. These professionals are highly skilled in programming and will be certified in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers are skilled Software Developers that specialise in developing automation tools. They work closely with other developers and technical teams to ensure the continuous improvement of these resources with periodic updates and patches.

DevOps Technical Leads

DevOps Technical Leads manage and lead DevOps teams and take accountability for their performance and ensure their work and code releases meet agreed deadlines. Other responsibilities include creating and managing DevOps policies, practices, and standards and to set the priorities for the DevOps teams.

Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers specialise in a specific area of Artificial Intelligence. They develop algorithms that enable machines to identify and analyse its own programming code and data with the objective that the machine learns how to improve its own coding without direct input from the engineer.

RPA Engineers

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Engineers are automation experts that specialise in the application of robotics and Artificial Intelligence in automation tools. They are responsible for designing, building, and deploying robotic automation systems while investigating and analysing data and insights on how to improve this technology.

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