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Digital Architecture Recruitment & Jobs

Digital Architects often specialise in either Enterprise or Solutions. Enterprise Architects are responsible for the strategic direction of business operations by designing architectural models, standards, and guidelines. Solution Architects are exceptional problem-solvers and take business requirements and transform them into technical solutions.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

Cloud/Network Architects

Cloud & Network Architects are responsible for designing the infrastructure that networks are built on and take into consideration software applications and hardware limitations. Network Architects focus on delivering networking solutions via on-site server-based technology. Cloud Architects deliver similar solutions but over cloud-computing technology.

Data Architects

Data Architects specialise in designing the infrastructure and protocols that define how data is stored and interacted with by software systems and applications. They work alongside other Data professionals and ensure that databases are compliant with relevant data standards and meet the business’s requirements.

Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Architects collaborate with business leaders and stakeholders to understand their organisation’s current and future business strategies, goals, and requirements, to translate these into technology solutions that can be delivered and future-proofed.

Integration Architects

Integration Architects are responsible for ensuring applications, software, and other technical solutions can integrate to align with greater business requirements. These professionals can also collaborate with technology teams that are outside of their business to integrate third-party software via APIs.

Security Architects

Security Architects assist with designing security infrastructures such as firewalls, intrusion detection programs, and incident management systems. Security Architects also provide technical guidance to other Security professionals and design security policies and processes for the business.

Software/Application Architects

Software & Application Architects design how a business’s software applications will be built, interact with other systems, and meet overall business requirements. Software & Application Architects may also include planning hardware requirements as well as working on programming code and consider coding practices and standards.

Solutions Architects

Solutions Architects focus on solving technical problems of projects by designing technical solutions. These professionals take a holistic look at an organisation’s technology including its stack, framework, integration, and delivery to ensure it all aligns with wider business objectives.

Technical Leads

Technical Leads are responsible for managing the design and strategic development of technical teams and projects. This will likely include managing other IT professionals to ensure projects are completed on time and to specifications. Technical Leads will also set the overall technical strategy, policies, standards, and priorities of these projects.

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