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Quality Assurance & Testing Recruitment & Jobs

Providing an exceptional user experience is key to delivering a successful digital product or service. It is the responsibility of Quality Assurance & Testing professionals to ensure software and updates are deployed to a high quality and free of any experience-breaking bugs.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

Test Analysts

Test Analysts work with software development teams to create testing processes to detect bugs, technical issues, and defects in their products, applications, and systems.

Test Leads

Test Leads perform the day-to-day management of teams of testers. This will include allocating testing resources to projects and designing testing strategies, methods, and tools these teams will utilise.

Test/QA Engineers

Quality Assurance or Test Engineers are usually specialised in testing the software and firmware of electrical applications or products. These professionals play a critical role in a product’s design and production stage to ensure it is released to a high-quality standard.

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