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User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) & Customer Experience (CX) Recruitment & Jobs

User (UX) & Customer Experience (CX) Designers are tasked with creating rich digital experiences that improve user loyalty or maximize the conversion of sales. User Interface Designers, however, are focused on building digital products with research and ideas from UX/CX in mind. These professionals are skilled in mapping out customer journeys and illustrating ideas through storyboards, road maps, workflows, and a significant amount of post-it notes.

Here are some of the roles we actively recruit for:

User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) Designers

User Experience (UX) & Interface (UI) Designers specialise in creating enriching user experiences for products, services, and applications. By conducting user research and collecting feedback, UX/UI Designers identify and map out different approaches to achieve strong usability and an impressive design. These professionals will use various illustration tools to map out user journeys.

CX Designers

Customer Experience (CX) Designers specialise in designing compelling user experiences for products or services that are sold to customers, such as e-commerce. These experts will map out touchpoints to accurately capture the customer’s journey and experience through a site or application to identify potential issues with the objective of improving customer engagement, conversions, and sales.

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