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Virtual & Video Interviews

With New Zealand’s lockdown underway, it is now impossible for managers to meet ideal candidates face-to-face. However, many businesses are turning to video technology to keep things moving. This is just one more example of how New Zealand businesses are adapting to change and overcoming challenges that stand in their way.

If you’ve not considered how video interviewing technology can help your business continue to engage and secure talented professionals, then you’re already behind the curve. The good news is that we have done most of the work for you. We have video technology available that requires no downloads or installations, a minuscule amount of training and can be delivered in several ways to suit your needs. Don’t let social distancing stand in the way of your business continuity plan and your next hire.

Our Video Interviewing Solutions

Using our cloud-based video interviewing technology, we can offer several services:

Live Video Interviewing

We can conduct live video interviewing on your behalf with shortlisted candidates and record these sessions for you to review. This will enable you to get a good feeling of how the candidate performed as the session was recorded live. 

Pre-recorded Solo Interviews

Solo interviews are pre-recorded and significantly quicker to produce than live interviews. If you engage in a solo interview solution, we will ask you to provide three or more interview questions. We will then set up a ‘Solo Interview’ using these questions and invite every candidate who is shortlisted into your vacancy. They will complete and answer these questions in their own time and while being recorded. Once finished, we will then send each candidate’s recorded solo interview for you to review.

Managed Video Interviewing

Managed video interviewing services are designed to assist you with setting up and performing video interviewing with your ideal candidates when you do not have the technology or capacity to do so yourself. These services can be deployed even if we are not actively recruiting the role for you and you have decided to conduct the remaining recruitment internally.

You don’t need to decide straight away

The benefit of all three solutions is that they are delivered via video recordings. This means that even if your recruitment is currently on hold, you can still interview and review your ideal and shortlisted candidates now. This will save you considerable time when your recruitment can resume as you will not have to start your interview process from the very beginning. You can re-watch your candidate recordings and immediately move to the first interview stages. Setting up video interviewing whilst your recruitment is on hold is also an excellent method to stay connected to your ideal candidates and keep them engaged with your business.

What's next?

If your business has decided to freeze all recruitment and is not using video interviewing technology to keep things moving, you will be falling behind. Fill in the form on this page to speak to us today to discover just how easy it is to get back in front of great people.