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How to Attract Great Candidates to Your Business

Writing an effective advertisement from a job description and uploading it to your website or Job Board is a fantastic start but it won’t be enough if you want to attract the best people to your business. In fact, these professionals are unlikely to be looking for a job right now but are still open to opportunities should the right one present itself. This is where paid advertising can help place your job in front of these 'passive' candidates.

Use Paid Advertising to Put Your Role in Front of the Right People

Paid advertising is one effective method for placing your vacancy in front of relevant professionals who are not actively looking for a new job. There are several platforms you can do this on such as Facebook, job boards and LinkedIn, but you should do some research first and find out where your audience is before you commit.

An internal marketing team can take care of this for you but if you don’t have a Graphic Designer, Content Writer and Marketer, you may want to approach a recruitment agency. This way, you can ensure your advertisements are well-designed and on-brand, and your target audience is optimised. 

Engage A Recruiter

As specialist Accounting and Finance, and Business & Executive Support recruiters, if your job advertisements are not performing, then get in touch with us. 


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