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Reviewing Shortlisted CVs

Most managers do not hire frequently enough to become experts in comparing candidates and when faced with several talented individuals, can be tough to find the right person for your team. However, hiring the wrong candidate may have a disastrous impact on your business.

Earlier, we mentioned that identifying whether you are hiring for potential, industry experience or a manager, will play an important role when you start to review CVs. Refer to 'Job Description Writing & Tips'. We highly recommend partnering with a recruitment expert, if you decide to recruit yourself, here are our tips on what to look for in a stand-out resume.

Hire for Potential

Hiring for 'potential' usually means that you are looking for a candidate with a marginal amount of experience or a transferrable skill set. You should also focus on finding someone who has a great attitude, work ethic and communication skills. Whilst a CV is a good place to identify these characteristics, they will stand out more during an interview.

Hire for Industry Experience

Hiring for industry experience generally means that you are looking for someone who already has relevant skills and experience, and is either after a new challenge or step in their career. To succeed, have a predefined list of criteria that include technical skills such as software or qualifications, industry experience, or specialist expertise. When you are reviewing your CVs, have this list to hand so you can highlight potential candidates that possess these skills and warrant further screening via a telephone call.

Hire a Manager

If you are looking to fill a management position, you need to identify candidates who have a proven history for delivering results. Anyone who has carefully studied your advertisement or job description can tailor their CV to your requirements, but quantifiable results are much harder to fabricate. When reviewing candidate profiles, keep an eye out for examples where a candidate can clearly demonstrate their leadership qualities and previous achievements.

Do Not Forget the Basics

There are some criteria you should always watch for irrespective of the calibre of candidate you are seeking to hire. Poor grammar, formatting and spelling mistakes can all be indicators that a CV has been quickly thrown together with little attention. Some of the best candidates will also tailor their CVs for specific roles. This means you should be aware of whether you are reviewing a generic resume or a highly detailed and relevant CV, as a vague resume may show that the candidate has no real specific interest in your opportunity.

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