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How to Review Your Career Options

Unhappy in your current role but not sure what to do about it? Here is a quick guide to help you review your career options.

Check the state of the Job Market

Like most markets, the job market is prone to peaks and troughs throughout the year. You can search for ideal job titles on job boards to gain an insight into how much recruitment activity there is in your field. Make a note of how many vacancies there are and how long ago they were listed. If there is a low number of roles or a large amount of time between job listings, your market may be going through a quiet phase and it could pay off to wait until it picks back up again. This will also give you the opportunity to review what key skills employers are currently looking for and the chance to ensure these are evident in your own CV.

Approach a Recruitment Expert

Whilst checking job boards is a great first step, you should also remember to engage a dedicated Recruitment Consultant who specialises in your sector. Not every role is publicly advertised and Recruiters will often work exclusively with clients to source employees on their behalf. By having a trusted Recruitment Consultant on your side, you can connect with opportunities that you may otherwise miss out on. Your Recruiter will also advise you on the current market and provide advice on how to find that next role and move your career forward.

Connect with Your Network

Recruiters are not the only people who may be aware of vacancies. Old colleagues, managers, and peers can also be a great source for potential opportunities, so it is important that you reconnect with them. Do not worry if you have not been in touch with these people for a while, everyone is busy, and most people will appreciate you taking the time to check-in.

Consider the Contracting Market

Professionals who have been in permanent employment for a while can forget to consider the contract market despite the fact that contracting can be lucrative. If you are an expert in your field and have built an impressive repertoire of skills, accepting a Contract may be a great way to leverage your expertise, and often at a higher rate of pay than a permanent opportunity.

We have a guide dedicated to everything you need to know about becoming a contractor in New Zealand, so check it out if this interests you.


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