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Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Searching for a new role can feel like a full-time job itself but don’t overcomplicate it. Here is a quick guide on how LinkedIn can help connect you with your next opportunity.

Achieve All-Star Status

According to LinkedIn, users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities from the platform. Here are some of the key must-haves to achieve an All-Star LinkedIn profile:

  • A professional profile photo
  • Your current job title 
  • Your industry specialisation(s)
  • Your professional experience
  • Your skills & endorsements
  • A well-written summary 
  • Your current location
  • Your education history

Don’t Make Your LinkedIn a Carbon Copy of Your CV

One of the first mistakes users make is to use the contents of their resume and copy it straight into their LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile should be an extension of your CV, not a carbon copy. Your CV should be a short yet detailed presentation of your work history, core skills and achievements. LinkedIn, on the other hand, can be used to expand on your experiences and provide detailed information on the companies you’ve worked for.

Use Targeted Keywords in Your Headline

Your headline is crucial to your profile. It is your way of telling LinkedIn what you want to be known for. Our best practice advice here would be to include your job title and current employer. If you have a recognisable key skill or qualification, you could also consider including it in your headline. For example, "Chartered Company Accountant at Parker Bridge".

Ask for Recommendations

Whilst acquiring them can seem difficult, obtaining several strong recommendations from colleagues, managers, and customers on your LinkedIn profile can be a powerful job searching tool and a great way to stand out. If you’ve recently completed a project to a high standard, take the time to politely ask for a LinkedIn recommendation whilst the achievement is still fresh in your manager or client's mind.

Get Active within your Network

LinkedIn’s network provides access to two great career resources: a professional network and a platform for jobs. By being active and engaged on LinkedIn, you’ll come across a wide range of individuals. There is mixed opinion on whether you should add people you have never met or worked with, but our advice is that you should at least include a personalised note if you are going to connect with people whom you do not know. Alternatively, you can “follow” them to expand your network. You can use LinkedIn’s job board to review current vacancies in the market and note down the relevant recruiter.

These vacancies offer the opportunity to compare your skillset and experiences and identify potential gaps holding you back. Whether it is technical or soft skills, taking the time to address potential gaps in your repertoire can really help you to move your career forward. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to build relationships with different companies and gain insights into other industries. Follow key professionals and businesses in those areas and you’ll find a great deal of information, advice, and news that you can use to your own advantage.


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