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What happens if I have a problem during an assignment?

Please contact your dedicated Consultant for a confidential chat. Alternatively, you can contact our branches on 09 377 3727 (Auckland) or 04 472 4380 (Wellington). We aim to offer support, advice and a solution as quickly as possible.

Who is my employer when I go out on temp assignments?

Parker Bridge is your employer whilst you are on an assignment – so please always keep us informed.

When is my timesheet due in?

It is important for your Manager to sign off on the hours you have worked for each of your assignments to avoid any delays in being paid. You will receive an email with your log in information for Timesheet Portal by the last working day before you are due to start your assignment. Please email if you have started your assignment and have not yet received your log in information for Timesheet Portal.

You will need to submit your timesheets by no later than 9am Monday morning and have them approved by your Manager by no later than 2pm on Monday for the week you have just worked. If there are any delays in submitting or approving your timesheets, please let us know immediately.

How can I edit my timesheet?

If you have submitted an incorrect timesheet and wish to edit it, it will need to be rejected by your Manager or Parker Bridge first. After it has been rejected, you can re-submit your correct timesheet for approval. Please call us on 09 377 3727 (Auckland) or 04 472 4380 (Wellington) if your Manager is unavailable to reject your timesheet.

When will I be paid?

Your pay will be deposited weekly into your bank account on Wednesday night, accessible to you by Thursday morning. Please make sure that you have filled out the IRD and bank account forms with the correct details as the wrong information will delay your payments. Your payslip will be posted to you. You can download IRD, KiwiSaver and Bank Account forms from here.

Can I have my pay in advance? What happens if I have questions about my payment details?

Unfortunately, you can not have your pay in advance. However, if you have accrued any Annual Leave then we are able to pay this out to you. You can contact your Parker Bridge consultant with any questions that you may have about this.

How do I fill out my timesheet if I have been on annual leave or was sick?

Full-Day Annual/Sick Leave

If you want to take a full day as Annual or Sick Leave, please leave the hours for that day blank and write ‘Annual Leave’ or ‘ Sick ’ in the Notes field and include the number of hours leave you need to take (e.g. 8 hours sick).

Part-Day Annual/Sick Leave

If only part of the day has been taken as Annual or Sick Leave, then please fill in the start time and finish time, and write how many hours you want to take as Annual or Sick Leave in the notes fields (e.g. 4 hours annual leave).

Sick Leave

If your current Sick Leave entitlement is 0, you may use your Annual Leave instead. Please mention it in the notes field (e.g. please pay 4 hours from holiday pay). Please refer to your Employment Contract for more information regarding your Sick Leave accrual. 

What is the Confirmation of Assignment Form?

Upon accepting a temporary or contract assignment, you will be emailed a confirmation detailing your hourly rate, the organisation, location details, start time, date and any other applicable information you need to know prior to you starting your assignment.

What do I do if I need to change my personal details?

Please email us at to update your personal details on our systems.

Who do I contact if I am sick or unwell?

If you are sick and cannot attend work, please contact your consultant by 8.30am at the latest on that morning. The Parker Bridge hours of work are 8.30am – 5.30pm so a consultant will be able to take your call.  Should you call before 8.00am, please leave a voice message with the following details: your name, the company name, and the name of your line manager at the company. Your consultant will inform your Line Manager accordingly.

What steps do I take if I need to leave an assignment early?

You must contact Parker Bridge as soon as possible if you need to leave an assignment before its end date.  If you do not comply with the notice period given below Parker Bridge is entitled to deduct from your wages the amount that you would have earned in the period you are not working there. 

What happens when I come to the end of my assignment?

You will be notified by your Parker Bridge consultant that your assignment is coming to an end. You will need to submit your final timesheet stating that it is your FINAL PAY in the notes section on your timesheet, which will allow our Accounting team to process any outstanding Holiday Pay that you are entitled to. Please also provide your line manager with a progress report and where they can find saved and stored files.