Digital & Technology Recruitment & Jobs

In response to the growing demand for digital, technology, and design professionals, particularly in the IT infrastructure, software, and applications space, our team now provides digital & technology recruitment services to businesses that looking for digital talent across Auckland and Wellington. 

Our clients often have Agile working methodologies and work with ITIL framework, so if you are a digital professional looking for your next role or need a talented Project Manager for an upcoming IT project, get in touch. Below are the common areas we recruit across in this space:

Agile & Project Delivery

Agile Delivery & Project Management professionals assist businesses with the planning and implementation of new digital systems and infrastructure that are needed to remain competitive in an ever-changing market. While Agile & Waterfall methodologies are the most prominent in the market, we do specialise in recruiting other digital delivery methods.

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Cloud & Network Systems

Cloud-based solutions have revolutionised how organisations conduct business, provide services, and enable employees to collaborate. Cloud & Network Systems professionals exist to keep your systems optimised and operational.


Cyber Security

While networking continues to become more sophisticated, so do the practices and processes needed to keep your organisation and its data secure and protected from breaches. Cyber & IT Security experts are here to do exactly that.


Data Analytics & Insights

Analysing and interpreting data to better understand your customers, products, services, and performance is growing increasingly important in today's market. Data Analytics & Insights professionals aid businesses that wish to take a data-led approach in decision-making.


DevOps & Automation

Often described as the unification of Software Development and IT Operations, DevOps & Automation focus on delivering systems that leverage automation, machine learning, and RPA/AI to improve the platform or product they form.


Digital Architecture

Digital Architects often specialise in either Enterprise or Solutions. Enterprise Architects are responsible for the strategic direction of business operations by designing architectural models, standards, and guidelines. Solution Architects are exceptional problem-solvers and take business requirements and transform them into technical solutions.


Quality Assurance & Testing

Providing an exceptional user experience is key to delivering a successful digital product or service. It is the responsibility of Quality Assurance & Testing professionals to ensure software and updates are deployed to a high quality and free of any experience-breaking bugs.


Software Development

As programming code is the building blocks of great technology, Software Developers have become some of the most important professionals across the IT industry. Developers are responsible for building the framework for all software and will usually specialise in either several coding languages or in front or back-end programming. However, Full-Stack Developers are becoming more prominent in the market.


Technical Support & IT Helpdesks

It is very likely that customers and users will discover unforeseen technical bugs, user-experience issues, and other problems that can ruin their experience with your product. Great Technical & IT Helpdesk professionals exist to prevent that from happening by providing support to customers, logging bugs, and collecting user feedback.


UI/UX/CX Design

User (UX) & Customer Experience (CX) Designers are tasked with creating rich digital experiences that improve user loyalty or maximize the conversion of sales. User Interface Designers, however, are focused on building digital products with research and ideas from UX/CX in mind. These professionals are skilled in mapping out customer journeys and illustrating ideas through storyboards, road maps, workflows, and a significant amount of post-it notes.



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